Why Are Pile Foundations So Strong?

Piling foundations are commonly known as one of the strongest options for any home or building. They are often used in some of the most engineeringly challenging projects and continue to progress in both their popularity and capability. This capability has seen them rise to the very top when it comes to safety from tectonic movements and other unforeseen circumstances that sometimes occur on our continents. Naturally, the strength and reliability of pile foundations have now meant that they are the go-to option for many of the world’s tallest buildings with Burj Khalifa and Malaysia’s Twin Towers to name just a couple. So, why are they so strong?

Drilling depth

The first reason for concrete piles’ incredible strength is the depth to which they are drilled in the first place. Of course, the contractor, architect, and structural engineer will all contribute to how far they think the piles should be drilled to ensure the building’s structural integrity. However, the point here is that as long as you have a long enough drill the options for a pile’s depth are almost endless. Take the Twin Towers in Malaysia for example this skyscraper’s foundations are a staggering 400 ft deep.


The second reason for pile foundations’ incredible strength is the material concrete. Well-produced concrete is one of the strongest materials on the planet and is used in some of the most secure and structurally sound buildings across the globe. When you add the large depths in which concrete is poured you find yourself with a finished product that can withstand some of nature’s harshest conditions and stand the test of time.

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