Why Groundworks are critical to construction

Published: 30th November 2017

At the first stage of any project, ground works are crucial to the success of any build.

Groundwork involves building a strong base in order for construction to begin. Sturdy groundwork is imperative when building and many specifications are needed in order to make certain that the building structure is built on a structurally solid base.

Groundwork provides a layout and structure needed for any build. They provide strength to take the entire weight of the building and can help create proper drainage systems to prevent flooding or moisture occurring which can weaken structures.

On domestic builds, groundworks create entry into the site and clear it in preparation for builds, making sure the ground is smooth and safely capable of holding the pressure placed upon it.

If the soil at the given site is weak, pile foundations are a good solution for supporting the weight of the intended construction. Piled foundations involve drilling piles into the ground below ground level. This strengthens the soil, supporting the heavy weight of the construction upon it.  

Underpinning is the process of strengthening the foundations of a building. If a foundation has become weak or unstable, stabilization is required in order to prevent erosion and other soil-related issues. This can also support the weight of an additional storey.

Structurally, groundworks are essential to any build. At Belowground Ltd, we have over 15 years experience in piling and underpinning for both domestic and commercial builds.

We offer a 12-year guarantee, enabling you to keep your foundation piling costs under control. We provide a range of specialist piling and underpinning services across the South West.

Contact us today for no-obligation advice and competitive quotes on the best piling and underpinning options for your project, whether you’re constructing a large scale commercial construction project or a simple home extension.