Why opt for driven piles?

A driven pile is defined as a tall slender column which is driven deep into the ground and used to support the weight of a load-bearing building, tower, wall or bridge.

What are the benefits of choosing a driven pile over any other type of foundation?

Read on to find out.

Driven piles are adaptable

One of the main benefits of a driven pile is that they are versatile and can be used to accommodate a number of different structures. They can be made from a selection of materials including steel, concrete and timber depending on what is required to best meet the needs of a project.

Driven piles are high quality

Driven piles are produced to precise measurements and using the highest quality materials. This means that they follow exceptional quality control standards. Having specifically measured piles helps to speed up the process of laying the foundations on site.

They are cost effective

Driven piles can be produced in a number of different materials, shapes and specifications and are cost-effective because there aren’t as many required for a project and thus this minimises the overall costs.

When it comes to quantities, you only pay for what you need with driven piles, therefore, there is minimal waste.

Driven piles can also be pre-fabricated off-site which means that time is saved during the installation phase. There is also little spoil during installation which means that the work is neat and clean.

High load-bearing capacities

Driven piles are usually superior in structural strength because they compact the soil around them when they are driven into the ground. This means they can withstand high load-bearing capacities and makes them ideal for challenging projects and in conditions where there might be external influencing elements such as wind and rain.

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