Why the UK Construction industry should embrace driven piling


Published: 5th December 2017

The benefits of driven piling go beyond what many people give it credit for. Despite its many documented advantages, the UK has shown little enthusiasm for driven piling compared to mainland Europe who consider it the norm method for development projects.

Driven piles are cost effective and are functional solutions for both domestic and commercial projects.

What are driven piles and how are they used?

Driven piles are vertical elements of foundations drilled deep into the ground. They provide ground support for structures.

Friction piles provide support for building structures by compressing surrounding soil- meaning higher friction against the side of the piles which increases the load-bearing capacity.

End bearing piles transfer the load of the building onto the end of individual piles. These are commonly used in locations where there is a firm bedrock beneath.

The UK currently favours other methodologies instead of piling because people are more familiar with other techniques. However, many technical and research papers have supported its advantages. The UK government is working on identifying the benefits of economic growth and stability of driven piling following the UK’s decision to leave the European Union. The benefits of precast driven piling can assist the UK construction industry.
Piles are available in a variation of materials, shapes and sizes, all of which have different benefits.  

Driven piles are cost effective, adaptable and high quality.

Concrete piles are strengthened from reinforced steel, most of which is from recycled sources. Because of this process, concrete is vastly reduced therefore waste is managed and recycled – making it sustainable.

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